Short-term Ministry Opportunities

Two Programs

There are two programs that vary in length of assignment:

           ~2021 APPLICATION DEADLINE for Summer Opportunities: FEBRUARY 28, 2021~

1. Chi Alpha Internship

A. Summer Internship - (Summer internship is mid-May~July but dates can be adjusted within the time frame.}

Every summer, Chi Alpha hosts multiple short-term ministry teams and a group of interns dedicated to spreading the love of Christ and serving others in Tokyo, Japan. Interns will partner directly with Chi Alpha staff for ministry activities and events and be assigned to serve on Sundays at a local church while participating in the intern program. It is our hope that while sharing the love of Christ on campuses and in communities here, long-term missionaries and prayer warriors will be raised up for Japan. The core values of the summer internship program are: abiding, community, serving, and learning. Requirements include:

  • A completed application form (See below.)

  • Recent photo

  • Recommendation letter from Pastor/Youth Pastor and/or Professor

  • Round trip airfare (Narita or Haneda Airport in Tokyo)

  • Required MAPS Insurance (e.g. $4.50/day)

  • $50/day for housing, meals, and transportation

B. One Year Internship - Same as above but is a year-long internship. The same requirements also apply.

2. English Teaching Program

The English Teaching Program is sponsored through the Japan Assemblies of God National Youth Department as an outreach where young people are sent to teach English for two months to a year at a local Assemblies of God church for evangelistic outreach. Japan is less than 1% Christian, and it is hard to get people to come to church. However, many will come if there are English classes with native English speakers. This has been an effective outreach to many of our churches in Japan.

A. Summer Program (mid-May to mid-August; dates are flexible) After 5 days of orientation in the suburbs of Tokyo (training on how to teach English, basic Japanese language, Japanese culture, Japanese church life, etc.), the teacher is then placed in a local church for the rest of the summer program or works with Chi Alpha Japan in Tokyo. Requirements include:

  • A completed application form (See below.)

  • Recent photo

  • Recommendation letter from Pastor/Youth Pastor and/or Professor

  • ~$300 (30,000 yen for orientation fee) plus round trip airfare (The local church will provide housing--usually a homestay--meals, utilities, and local transportation.)

  • Required MAPS Insurance (e.g. $4.50/day)


B. One-Year Program (Dates are flexible.)

This is similar to the Summer Program except that the church will provide a small salary. Be aware that this program is dependent upon whether we receive a church request for an English teacher. Also, each church situation is different so details will not be immediately available. The same requirements for the summer English teaching program also apply to this opportunity.

In both English teaching programs, classes are usually a mixture of group or private lessons for children, students, housewives, businessmen, etc.

It's a wonderful way to invest in the life of a local church and touch a community for Christ.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Download an application in MS word format.
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